Miloslav Pumprla Ing. Miloslav Pumprla, MBA
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Miloslav Pumprla is the founder and Managing director of the Executive Search JM. During his university studies, he has worked in the marketing departments of various companies such as Nestle-Čokoládovny and Mc Donald´s ČR. He successfully graduated from the Economical Faculty at the Technical University in Ostrava in 1994, majoring in Marketing and International Business.

Miloslav Pumprla has more than 13 years of experience in Corporate management working in different areas. More than 5 years experience in „executive search“ placing successful candidates in positions at his former work places of managers reporting to him at his former manager´s positions.

From 1994 – 1997 he worked as one of the company partners in THING, where he actively performed as the „sales representative position“ of importing sezame and other food products from East Asia. He also worked externally for LEVI Trading as an Import manager, and gained personal experience in business negotiations with suppliers from the Asian market (more specifically Taiwan). In 1995 Miloslav successfuly completed a two-month management training in the United States (in Jacksonville, state Florida ).

From 1997 – 2001 he worked for the world’s leading company in pig genetics- Pig Improvement Company. He spent almost one year working on different assignments/projects for various departments at several PIC branches. Firstly, he started in Oklahoma, later on he was transfered to work at the company’s headquarters in Oxfordshire, UK. After completing this training he started managing sales force and marketing activities in the Czech republic and Slovakia.

From 2001-2003 he worked as a Sales Director for distribution at COLEMAN S.I., where he managed the (sales) of 6 companie´s warehouses in Moravia (Easten part of Czech republic).

From 2003, he has worked as a director of Czech and Slovak branches of a leading european distributor of steel – a Swedish company called the BE Group. BE Group is active in the Central Europe European area – beside the Czech rep. and Slovakia, this company is also active in Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Estonia, and Russia. Miloslav started the businesses (branches of company) in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. He developed both of them, and actively cooperated with all the branches mentioned above within Central Europe.

Miloslav few years ago studied MBA program at University of New York /in Prague/. Succesfully finished, specialised on Banking and Finance field.

He lives together with his life partner in Olomouc (Eastern part of the Czech Republic). He likes playing squash and a travelling around the world.



Introduction of company

Company Executive Search JM Ltd. focuses on three business areas . Because of more then 15 years of experience in the field , Mr.Pumprla, main field is the production and distribution of steel materials. We work mainly in the Czech and Slovak Republics , some of the projects we have done in Poland as well.

Interesting managers available

  • Purchasing manager

    Experienced purchasing manager, in metallurgical field (mainly stainless). Engaged in this field more then 20 years, last 15 years in FERONA (biggest steel distributor in CZ,SK). H ...

  • Director of company / Sales director / Purchasing director / Director of logistics

    Experienced manager, working more then 15 years within above mentioned positions either for producers or distributors of various metallurgical materials is considering change. He s ...

  • Experienced Saleswoman

    Experienced Saleswoman, mainly stainless flat and long products.She is very focused and goal oriented person.. She s got experience e.g. within ITALINOX, bigest stainless distribut ...

  • Director / Sales director / key account

    Director / Sales director / key account, mainly stainless flat materials. Very experienced Salesman/ manager /used to manage small stainless distributor as well/ is thinking over t ...

  • Sales Agent for Austria

    Sales Agent for Austria, experienced austrian Salesman is considering change. More then 10 years of experience working either for austrian or german mill or carbon steel /mainly fl ...

Ing. Miloslav Pumprla, MBA
managing partner
Cell phone: +420 606 045 151

Clients we work for either produce or distribute:

  • Aluminium profiles, Aluminium sheets, anodized aluminum sheets, Aluminium tread plates, Aluminium sheets lacquered, The aluminum profiles according to drawings, Aluminium thick plates, Aluminium sheets Floorplates, Aluminium strips, Aluminium rods, Aluminium profiles, Aluminium perforated sheets

  • Aluminium corrugated aluminum panels, Aluminum coil, Aluminium strips, Aluminum foil, Aerospace Aluminum, Aviation Steel, Copper sheets, Titanium plates, Air Plastics, Brass rods, Brass hollow bars, sheets and hot-rolled strips, sheets and cold rolled strip, sheet and strip, cold rolled electrolytic galvanized

  • sheets and cold rolled strip coated with organic coatings, Cold rolled sheets galvanized, Zinc coils, Stainless steel sheets, Stainless steel sections, Stainless steel round bars, Stainless steel bars rolled round, Stainless steel welded knees, Stainless steel T-pieces, Stainless reduction

  • Stainless reduction of symmetric and asymmetric cone, Stainless steel flanges, Aluminium flanges, Flat stainless steel flanges, Rotating stainless steel flanges, Copper sheets, copper strips, Brass profiles, copper round bars, copper rod Square, copper flat bars, Precision Stainless strips, Stainless steel pipes

  • Stainless steel pipes dairy, Stainless steel decorative tube, Stainless steel fittings, Stainless steel square and rectangular welded pipes, Stainless steel rods and rolled round, Stainless steel hexagonal rods, Stainless steel thick-walled pipes, Stainless steel tubular accessories, Stainless steel hollow sections

  • DUPLEX, Hastelloy C276, Hastelloy 22, INCONEL, Monel 400, Thick carbon plates, IPE, HEA, HEB, Crane rails, Round and square steel, Special profiles, Structural Steel, Tool steels conventional, Special tool steel, Raex, HARDOX, Centrifugal tubes, Blocks, Steel Coils, Heavy plates, Structural steel sheets,

  • Sheets normalized, Plates for offshore structures, Titanium alloys, Nickel Alloys, Reinforcing steel, Mesh, Floor grates, Hydraulic Pipes, Welded tubes, Seamless tubes, Boiler plates, Plates made of hardened steel, Floorplates sheets, Abrasion resistant plates, Reinforced sheets

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