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  • Executive search
    ( "headhunting")

    We gain experienced managers for middle and top management, mainly by "direct/executive search" for our clients. We focus on production and distribution of metallurgical materials field.

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  • Acquisitions
    We assist you either to sell or buy company.

    Our main focus is on production and distribution
    of metallurgical materials field.

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  • Marketing,
    direct mail

    We assist you to approach actual and potential
    clients within the production and distribution
    of metallurgical field.

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Společnost Executive Search JM s.r.o. se zaměřuje na 3 oblasti podnikání. Díky více než 15 letým zkušenostem jednatele v oboru se specializuje se na oblast výroby a distribuce hutních materiálů

František Pumprla

HR manager at the company BATA

As the saying goes, "Genes act". It was interesting to get information from / Zlin Provincial Archives / about granduncle Miloslav Pumprla - Mr. František Pumprla.

Our motto

  • A winner´s Creed:
    If you think you are beaten, you are.

  • If you think you dare not, you do not.

  • If you would like to win, but think you can not, it is almost a cinch you will not.

  • If you think you will lose, you are lost.

  • For out in the world we find, success begins with person´s will.

  • It is all in the state of mind.

  • Life battles do not always go to the stronger or faster hand.

  • But sooner or later, the person who wins is the one who "I can".


Introduction of company

Company Executive Search JM Ltd. focuses on three business areas . Because of more then 15 years of experience in the field , Mr.Pumprla, main field is the production and distribution of steel materials. We work mainly in the Czech and Slovak Republics , some of the projects we have done in Poland as well.



Ing. Miloslav Pumprla, MBA
managing partner
Cell phone: +420 606 045 151

Clients we work for either produce or distribute:

  • Aluminium profiles, Aluminium sheets, anodized aluminum sheets, Aluminium tread plates, Aluminium sheets lacquered, The aluminum profiles according to drawings, Aluminium thick plates, Aluminium sheets Floorplates, Aluminium strips, Aluminium rods, Aluminium profiles, Aluminium perforated sheets

  • Aluminium corrugated aluminum panels, Aluminum coil, Aluminium strips, Aluminum foil, Aerospace Aluminum, Aviation Steel, Copper sheets, Titanium plates, Air Plastics, Brass rods, Brass hollow bars, sheets and hot-rolled strips, sheets and cold rolled strip, sheet and strip, cold rolled electrolytic galvanized

  • sheets and cold rolled strip coated with organic coatings, Cold rolled sheets galvanized, Zinc coils, Stainless steel sheets, Stainless steel sections, Stainless steel round bars, Stainless steel bars rolled round, Stainless steel welded knees, Stainless steel T-pieces, Stainless reduction

  • Stainless reduction of symmetric and asymmetric cone, Stainless steel flanges, Aluminium flanges, Flat stainless steel flanges, Rotating stainless steel flanges, Copper sheets, copper strips, Brass profiles, copper round bars, copper rod Square, copper flat bars, Precision Stainless strips, Stainless steel pipes

  • Stainless steel pipes dairy, Stainless steel decorative tube, Stainless steel fittings, Stainless steel square and rectangular welded pipes, Stainless steel rods and rolled round, Stainless steel hexagonal rods, Stainless steel thick-walled pipes, Stainless steel tubular accessories, Stainless steel hollow sections

  • DUPLEX, Hastelloy C276, Hastelloy 22, INCONEL, Monel 400, Thick carbon plates, IPE, HEA, HEB, Crane rails, Round and square steel, Special profiles, Structural Steel, Tool steels conventional, Special tool steel, Raex, HARDOX, Centrifugal tubes, Blocks, Steel Coils, Heavy plates, Structural steel sheets,

  • Sheets normalized, Plates for offshore structures, Titanium alloys, Nickel Alloys, Reinforcing steel, Mesh, Floor grates, Hydraulic Pipes, Welded tubes, Seamless tubes, Boiler plates, Plates made of hardened steel, Floorplates sheets, Abrasion resistant plates, Reinforced sheets

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